MOCHA is happy to now offer special art lessons to groups of seniors in the East Bay. Recently we have partnered with the Resources for Oakland Active Retirees (ROAR) to begin reaching out to senior housing and recreational centers to offer an accessible, participatory environment in which seniors share in a hands-on process of creative expression.

art for seniors

Days & Times

Monday – Friday
9:00 am – 4:00 pm


$110 per group (up to 25 seniors)
+$50 to come to your center!
+$25 for a custom art lesson


Each lesson is an hour and half long.

Clay Exploration

The history of pottery is discussed as students learn about what clay is and where it comes from. A hands-on lesson where students learn various techniques including the ancient method of pinch pots and coil pots.They will also learn how to shape three-dimensional figures and incorporate them into sculptures.

Color Theory

Students will use primary colors to mix secondary colors and create a color wheel. Then they get a chance to paint pictures using their own personally created paint palettes.


Artists like Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh and Henry Matisse are viewed as students discuss what makes a portrait and then learn how to use proportion to create colorful and whimsical pictures of themselves or any other abstract faces they can come up with.
Medium Options: Collage or Ink / Watercolor


After discussing printmaking and how it has evolved today, a brief lesson on the horizon line is followed by students creating one of a kind landscape prints while also mixing colors on their print plates.

Sumi-e Brush Painting

Students learn about the history and art of brush painting. Practice several painting techniques and create an Asian-type scroll in the traditional Sumi style.

Custom Art Lesson

Let us know what interest your group and we can make an art lesson out of. We are open to ideas and we have a team of Teaching Artists that can adapt to any request.

510.465.8770 ext. 100