My First Art Show

All Ages, All Sizes, All Mediums

Oakland, CA- To commemorate 27 years of bringing arts in to the lives of young people The Museum of Children’s Arts (MOCHA) is currently exhibiting My First Art Show, an open call all ages, all sizes, all mediums art exhibition that resulted in 160 pieces of artwork from over 90 artists, ranging in age from 2 to 94. My First Art Show also features a silent auction with 110 works of art for sale and 27% of the proceeds going to support MOCHA’s arts programs.

Roxanne Padgett, MOCHA’s Executive Director, “At MOCHA we believe in the power of creativity to build strong and vibrant communities. I am especially excited for this exhibition as it welcomes and makes participation in an art exhibition accessible to anyone at any skill level, from beginner to professional artist at any age; from 2 to 94.”

Part 1

Part 2



Word Play

Word Play is collection of works created at MOCHA by children that have participated in our art Camps. We drew inspiration from ten words; build, create, draw, dream, imagine, paint, play, sculpt, story, and think…. All of these words encompass what we experience here on the daily when interacting with young people making art at MOCHA.

We have a poster exhibit of professional artists that we feel capture the essence of these word with their art. We then collected art work from children that emulated the words and re-imagined them on large scale surfaces in our museum space. All works were created by the hand of children, we then took photographs of the work, and then we projected them on moveable walls and large surfaces in our space where traced and painted the images.