Art is Moving to the Center

The Museum of Children’s Arts Moves to Oakland City Center

The Museum of Children’s Arts is excited to announce that we will be relocating to Oakland’s City Center this fall. Our presence at 1221 Broadway will usher in a new era for MOCHA as we initiate Art in the Center, a mix of our traditional exhibitions and programs complimented by new artistic endeavors designed to reach a wider audience. As we reflect on our last three decades of cultivating spaces for young people’s creative development, and look towards the future, MOCHA strives to continue our services of making hands-on art accessible to those who desire to create, explore and play within the world of art.

Our new location allows for expanded museum programs to serve more children as well as urbanites, families, educators, artists and senior citizens. With the development of over 6,000 residential units in and around downtown we anticipate that the growing population will provide MOCHA opportunities to reach new heights. Accessibility to MOCHA will be easier than ever as we will be situated adjacent to the City Center Parking Garage and steps away from the 12th Street BART/Oakland City Center entrance. Being centrally-located will increase our visibility and encourage people from all over the Bay Area to visit our museum.

Development of our new facility has been a collaboration between MOCHA staff, Colliers International Senior Vice President Nadine Whisnant and Vice President Gregory Hunter, the YHLA Architects firm and building landlords, 1221 Broadway Investors, LLC. The 6,600 square foot space is being built with the input of the organization and our needs in mind. We have embraced a functional and malleable spacial philosophy and will now have the ability to offer multiple programs simultaneously–from parties, workshops, and meetings–to retreats, field trips and camps. The new space will be conducive to featuring MOCHA’s community, youth and intergenerational art exhibitions which capture the diversity of the voices we connect with through our work in Oakland.

Construction on our new space has begun and we anticipate being open in January 2019. Art in the Center will start MOCHA’s next thirty year commitment to bringing quality hands-on arts experience to Oakland’s beautiful, colorful, vibrant, and artistic community.

MOCHA was founded in 1989 by Jill Vialet and Mary Marx to help families and communities celebrate the art and creativity of their children. The mission of MOCHA is to ensure that the arts are a fundamental part of the lives of all children through hands-on art experiences, arts training and curriculum for educators, and advocacy for the arts.

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