Dear MOCHA Friends and Family,

We are now winding down to the last days of 2018. What a year, what a ride. As we reflect on the past year we continue to realize our work in the lives of so many young people as they aspire to grow, learn and experience. Each year we come across young artists like Maximo who have made MOCHA their home away from home.

This place is special for me. It’s my favorite place to come and create. Every time is different.

Maximo has been coming to our summer art camps for four consecutive years. Each year he has engaged with new artistic mediums that enable him expand his knowledge in various practices. During his first summer he started by doing stop motion claymation. It was in this camp that we noticed Maximo’s keen ability to incorporate literacy and art, as he would make up characters and sketch them out. The back stories and the post-apocalyptic universe where the characters were on a mission to save the planet really demonstrated the depth and detail of Maximo’s imagination.

Like many other young artists who attend our camps, Maximo is here because he belongs. He is here because his interests can be playfully and technically explored through our programs. Young artists thrive in our environment because we provide structure while allowing children to be free in that form.

At the end of each year we ask you to donate to our general fund so that we can continue to build strong programs, invest in teaching artists, and to bring art to life in our community. Please take the time to Make A Mark and share your time, energy and resources to elevate our passion and commitment to making hands-on art making accessible to all.

In the word of Maximo, I think MOCHA is legendary. It’s an amazing space. Stay fresh.

Thank you,
Haldun Morgan
Director of Marketing