MOCHA recently collaborated with the Lighthouse Community Charter School to host the Ride or Die Exhibit created by high school students as an homage to victims of violence.


A Funeral Procession in Celebration of Our Ancestors

We have all experienced having traffic stopped by a motorcycle cop to allow for the passing of a procession of cars lead by a hearse carrying the deceased loved one of those following. Sometimes they can go on for what seems like forever. We in the Advanced Fine Arts class at Lighthouse Community Charter School in Oakland have created sculptural vehicles from cardboard, tape, glue, collage and paint as a means of honoring our ancestors. Some of them are intended to remember a deceased family member while others honor victims of tragedy or those killed in wars. Each vehicle is constructed as a “rolling” altar dedicated to the loved one(s) who inspired it’s creation.

Please join us to celebrate the artists and their work on the evening of Friday, November 20th between the hours of 6pm and 8pm at the Museum of Children’s Arts in downtown Oakland. We will have refreshments and live music performed by Lighthouse student musicians. It is important that we support our youth in their artistic endeavors so your attendance is appreciated and we look forward to seeing you here.

Eesuu Orundide
High School Visual Arts Instructor