There’s still time to register for Fall Camp. Lessons include:

11/25 – Line up for Art! 

Learn about the most basic element of art, the line! Campers will view work done by artists inspired by the line such as modern artist Steven Natanson and one line artist Quibe. We will also view classic work by Piet Mondrian and three dimensional work by the timeless Alexander Calder. Learn more.

11/26 – Features and Faces

After looking at the colorful self-portraits of Frida Kahlo, students will explore their own features: drawing eyes, noses  and mouths from observation. We will learn how to draw the face, as well as use color and pattern to create expressive fun work with paint and collage. Learn more.

And you won’t want to miss Artist Days in Open Studio.

Taking inspiration from several artists, this week Open Studio will feature a variety of projects such as Andy Warhol stamp art, Alexander Calder mobiles, Gustav Klimt mixed media collages, Jackson Pollock splatter paintings, and a collaborative collage inspired by the artwork of Stuart Davis. Learn more.