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The MOCHA MATTERS Benefit, Saturday, March 15th presented by Oakland School for the Arts, Youth Radio and The New KBLX supports the Museum of Children’s Arts; to enable MOCHA to continue it’s mission of immersing young people in art education experiences.

Without MOCHA, over 30,000 preschoolers, youth and families will be without art in their lives. The vital relationship MOCHA has cultivated over 24 years within East Bay schools, libraries, particularly in disadvantaged communities, will no longer exist. Without art, there is no heart in education. This why MOCHA matters.

Donn Harris, Executive Director, Oakland School for the Arts: “Our partnership with MOCHA is natural and also essential. Together, MOCHA and OSA will serve the full range of students from Kindergarten through Grade 12, and further strengthen the profile of the arts in this time of increased attention on creativity. This is why MOCHA matters.”

MOCHA’s necessary work is endangered because of less available funding from foundations and local governments. We need you and donors like you, who believe that art education is the best investment we can make in elevating the lives of our children and strengthening our community.

Jabari Gray, Deputy Director, Youth Radio: “MOCHA is critical to the futures of Oakland’s children and youth. At Youth Radio, we understand the fundamental services that MOCHA provides this community, and recognize that they are delivered at the highest quality. As Youth Radio further develops its arts programming, it only makes sense that we would look to partner with the leader in that space, which for the last quarter century has been MOCHA. This is why MOCHA matters.”

Quincy McCoy, Executive Director, MOCHA: “Please become a vital participant in MOCHA’s recovery plan. If you are one of our new customers, loyal visitors, partners or former supporters, now is the time to dig deep to keep MOCHA’s mission alive. We moved Uptown to join our like-minded partners, OSA and Youth Radio, to form a triangle of organizations, dedicated to providing safe spaces for children and young people to be creative and confident. We need your help to save one of Oakland’s greatest cultural treasures which has provided nothing but good work and service to our community for over 24 years.”

Join us Saturday, March 15th from 2-6PM @ MOCHA for an exhibition of OSA and MOCHA student artwork alongside a participatory MOCHA mural based on the “Power of Art” and how it inspires, motivates and heals children. Also part of the programming will be live performances—singing, rap and poetry readings by OSA’s “One Voice Ensemble” and Youth Radio’s “Remix Your Life”  students.

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