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MOCHA offers a range of professional development workshops for educators interested in teaching art as a stand-alone discipline or integrating art into other subject areas, such as language arts, math, social science and science. Collaborate with MOCHA staff to design workshops tailored to your school, school district or organizational needs and vision.

Services include: workshops, curriculum coaching, mentoring and lesson modeling. MOCHA also collaborates with teachers to create arts-integrated curriculum units and with school staff to create authentic, comprehensive arts-integrated schools.

Art For Educators
Professional Development Workshop

Have you ever wanted to teach art to children or want to invigorate your teaching practice with the visual arts? Participants with little or no art experience are encouraged to attend, as well as the experienced art teacher. This workshop is designed for classroom teachers, parents, youth workers, after school staff and teaching artists to learn the basics of the visual arts and how to integrate the arts into the learning environment. This workshop will encompass the basics of art, line, shape, color, space and texture through hands-on practice, discussion, and reflection. The lessons are taught in a sequential order that foster arts learning into a variety of subject areas.

Participants will:

  • Develop skills in the visual arts that they can use in their work with children to enhance their student’s creative thinking, communication, literacy skills, and individual expression.
  • Will gain an expanded toolbox of art projects that they can use in their classroom using readily accessible and inexpensive art materials that can be integrated into a wide variety of subject areas. Participants gain hands on experience with painting and drawing techniques, sculpture, collage, booking making and mixed media projects.
  • Begin developing documentation practices to show the learning through the visual arts and develop reflection skills for talking to students about their art and the artworks of others using the Studio Habit of Mind.
  • Learn management techniques for handling art materials in a variety of community settings. How to engage and organize students in the set-up and clean up process.
  • Gain an understanding of STEAM and how the visual Arts puts the “A” in STEM.
  • Become comfortable with and/or enhance your own artistic expression.

Participants will receive reading materials and lesson plans which will include information on the elements of art, how to talk to students about their art, why is art & creativity is good for children, reflection and documentation practices from Harvard’s Project Zero, and other thought provoking articles in arts education.


Roxanne Padgett,
Creative Director of MOCHA


Museum of Children’s Arts
1221 Broadway Lower Level Suite 49
Oakland, CA, 94612


March 27 & 28, 2021
9:30 am to 3:30 pm


$250.00 per person (discounts available) for larger groups

In the event of a cancellation, MOCHA will retain a $25 administrative fee. If the cancellation is within 1 week of the date no refund will be given.

Can’t come to MOCHA, then we can bring the workshop to your school site.
Pricing available on request

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Roxanne Padgett
Creative Director
510.465.8770 ext. 102