Is MOCHA accessible to people with disabilities?

All of MOCHA’s studios and galleries are wheelchair accessible.

How old does my child have to be to come to MOCHA?

All programs at MOCHA are open to children and youth ages 18 months and up.

What if I have other children who are younger than 18 months?

You can bring children younger than 18 months old to MOCHA as long as you can supervise them along with your other children who are engaged in art-making.

Can I drop my child off at MOCHA? Do you offer daycare?

You must remain with your child at all times (the only exception is art camp). Not only is this a legal requirement—we also value the opportunity for parents and their children to participate in art together as co-learners.

What is Open Studio?

Open Studio is a space where artists of all ages create, connect and share through art. Each Open Studio session is guided by a teaching artist who will have several art-making activities organized under a monthly topic. You and your child are free to explore whatever captivates your interest and the teaching artist will always be available to help you locate materials, provide technical instruction, and suggest age appropriate activities.

How much time should we allow for an Open Studio visit?

Open Studio is designed to have several art-making activities for all ages. The amount of time you wish to spend here is dependent on you and your child’s creative spirit.

What is the Open Studio price of admission?

Open Studio is $7 per person for children and adults (children under 2 years of age are free).

Why are adults required to pay admission?

At MOCHA we believe that art and art-making is for everyone and we have designed our Open Studio to operate under this philosophy. We encourage parents and adult family members to create right alongside their children and utilize our materials as well as our teaching artist.

What are the benefits of membership?

Members enjoy a 10% discount on camp and art parties. Learn more about MOCHA Memberships.

Which programs and events are free?

Library workshops and quarterly LEAP Days offer opportunities for free participation. Please refer to our calendar to see free events.

Where to park?

Parking in our neighborhood is mostly metered and we are located very close to several parking lots as well as the 12th Street BART station. There is a parking lot on 18th and San Pablo where you can park for up to 4 hours at $2 per hour as well as one on Jefferson and 16th which is $7 for all day parking and $3 to park after 4:00pm and on weekends. And meters are always free on Sundays.

Where to eat?

We are in the bustling area of uptown Oakland and close to many restaurants and cafes on Telegraph and in Frank Ogawa Plaza and Oakland City Center.